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Engine Tune Up & Repair Services

Would you like to save money on gas and reduce your vehicle’s impact on the environment? Consider engine tune up & repair services in Walnut Creek, CA. Installing new spark plugs, adjusting the idle speed, and other minor adjustments can increase gas milage while improving performance.

AAMCO’s tune-up services are designed to improve your vehicle’s drivability and keep it running better for longer. With regular tune-ups, small problems are detected and fixed before they turn into situations that may potentially harm the engine or transmission. When you bring your vehicle into one of the local AAMCO shops in Walnut Creek, our technicians will do the following (when applicable):

  • Install new spark plugs
  • Adjust idle speed
  • Inspect belts
  • Adjust the throttle
  • Install distributor caps
  • And, much more!

Our technicians will check the performance of the vehicle by performing on-road testing. In addition, we also perform an Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) to ensure that all critical systems are working well.

Is your check engine light on? Don’t ignore that light. While it’s okay to drive for a short distance with the light on, you want to get to AAMCO as soon as possible to have the problem diagnosed. Usually, the problem is something relatively minor to fix for minimal costs. However, if you forgo getting the light checked out, you could end up with serious engine problems that are costly to repair.

AAMCO is proud to serve the residents of Walnut Creek. We can’t wait to help you today!



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