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Clutch Service and Repair

Manual transmission vehicles need clutch repair service from time to time. Vehicles with this type of transmission run well for a long time. However, certain driving conditions and operator habits can lead to premature repairs. If you’re experiencing drivability issues or shifting problems, roll into your neighborhood AAMCO shop in Walnut Creek, CA, today.

Why is my manual transmission failing? That’s a question our technicians are asked often. Many times, transmission problems begin as something small, but are ignored. Unfortunately, shifting issues and other problems never solve themselves. They only continue to get worse. If you drive your vehicle in hot climates excessively or are driving in mountainous territory, you could experience problems sooner than normal. Also, driving your vehicle at top speeds non-stop is another reason transmissions fail.

When you stop by your local AAMCO for clutch repair and transmission services, our technicians will take the time to carefully diagnose the problem. The transmission will be completely removed from the vehicle so it can be examined from every angle. Once the problem is detected, we replace the damaged part and reinstall the transmission. Next, we’ll perform lift and road tests. These tests are done to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive. We’ll also top off your transmission with clean fluid.

To learn more about our engine and transmission services in Walnut Creek, call or stop by your local AAMCO today.



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